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We aim to help people achieve and maintain a high level of health and well-being to reach their personal fitness, work, or life goals pain and injury-free.

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Massage Benefits

Relieve stress, boost your immune system, prevent muscle strain, and sleep better. Massage therapy from Reno Massage Tree frees tension from your muscles and calms your mind. Our passion is to promote healthy living and lifestyle and help clients with stress and pain management.

Whether you are training for a competitive event or want to ease tight or sore muscles, Massage Therapy offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved circulation
  • Decreased muscle stiffness
  • Decreased joint inflammation
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Quicker recovery between workouts
  • Improved flexibility
  • Less pain and soreness
  • Strengthened immune response

From Deep Tissue to Foot Reflexology, We offer several types of massage services and body treatments, each of which can be customized with various enhancements to suit your unique needs.

Lilly (Moon) Weng, LMT


There are three things you need to know about Lilly:

  1. She is intuitive, knowing where the problem areas are, maybe even before you.
  2. Her experience will appear soon after your session starts as she gets to know your body and works out the knots and tension.
  3. Her skills will keep you coming back. It can take several visits for your tight areas to open up, but the benefits will be evident as you gain awareness and range of motion increases.

Lilly is a highly skilled therapist providing therapeutic massage services in Reno, Nevada, since 2020. Her clients have consistently praised her for her professionalism and expertise.

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Andrea O.
We did the couples massage. They were very friendly great customer service, attentive and caring. The massage was about an hour. Deep and intense. Felt great! We’ll be back.
Krista W.
I’m visiting from out of town and came across Reno Massage Tree and decided to get a 70 minute massage because my neck and shoulder were super sore. I had Henry as my massage therapist and he did fantastic. He had a firm pressure for my full body massage and he also did cupping on my back and hot stones on my back and legs. They were super friendly and attentive from the moment I walked in, to the moment I left. I would highly recommend and trust this location. PS my neck and shoulder are feeling fantastic right now!
Krista W.
I'm visiting from out of town and came across Reno Massage Tree and decided to get a 70 minute massage because my neck and shoulder were super sore. I had...
David W.
Lilly is absolutely wonderful at her art of massage. She can actually feel the energy in my body and know exactly how to apply her hands to heal. After 60 minutes, I asked for another 30 to make it 90 minutes... Cloud 9 experience. Thank you Lilly.
Ed C.
Nicole N.
Being from out of town, I am always skeptical of massage places. However after long days of travel, there is nothing like a good massage. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I feel amazing. It was professional, therapeutic and very affordable. Highly recommend, it will not disappoint! 10/10. Henry is amazing and checks in with you to make sure you are comfortable throughout the entire massage.
heather V.
This was the best massage I've ever had! If you are staying at the Atlantis, take the 5 minute walk to Massage Tree. It's half the price and honestly, I've never experienced a more thorough, skilled masseuse. I wish I lived here so I could go back!
Zumo Z.
Katherine C.
Amazing massage at a great price. I had an incredibly sore shoulder and got such a great massage from Harry. The first part was very firm but never too much. Perfect for getting seized muscles to relax. Excellent draping. The second part of the massage used oil, hot stones, and hot towels. Care was given not to get oil in my hair. I was in an amazingly relaxed dream state in the second half of the massage. It was the perfect combination of therapeutic for the body and therapeutic for the mind. A lot of attention to detail. Very professional. I talked to Lily, the owner, afterwards. She said she originally trained in Bejing and tried to blend the therapeutic qualities of Chinese Massage with the relaxing qualities of Western massage. They've done a great job of it.
Patrick E.
Very excellent massage with hot Stones customized to my needs no upselling, respectful and very sweet therapist.
Rudy V.
Lily was amazing! Know her stuff... Harry is also very good and makes sure you are comfortable....awesome!
Dianne S.
Absolutely amazing! I have had muscle issues in my back for 20+ years and get TPI monthly. After my appointment yesterday, I walked away feeling less tense, my shoulders were aligned and relaxed, my posture improved, and my back muscles were looser. For the first time in years, I can lay flat on my back.If you’re looking for a therapeutic recovery to muscle challenges, this is your place. The service fees are very competitive, so give them a call.
Cindy R.
Knowledgeable and professional. She works out knots I didn’t know I had. I recommend the 90 minute massage, unless you have the luxury of having time for a longer one!
M a x
I got the $70 deep tissue massage. I chose this place as it was the cheapest I could find, but could not have asked for a better massage. The gentleman did a great job, and really got deep into the tissue. I highly recommend getting a massage from this place, it's cheaper and offers the same quality service.
Chrystal B.
This place is highly recommended by me, and I have had many reasonably priced massages. They have few different package I wish I couldto take advantage of...
Elise T.
Can't recommend enough!! I recently started going to the gym regularly and suffer from fibromyalgia and Reno Massage Tree was my SAVING GRACE I have been...
Lucy R.
The other T.
Lily's massage is fantastic! She has a technique like no other. I think she completely reset my entire well-being!
Isabella B.
I got the one hour deep tissue massage and wow! I knew I had a lot of tension in my shoulders but after my massage, they felt amazing. The room was nice and...
G Knox R.
Lilly is a life saver! she knew where to treat my discomfort and the exact amount of pressure to apply. I also had the pleasure of experiencing cupping for the first time with her, and I must say it was relaxing after the cups came off, when they first go on they stung a bit but the sensation went down. She relaxed my stress and tension away. Thank you, Lilly
Excellent massage.
Allen R.
Lily is an amazing masseuse. Professional environment for those wanting a therapeutic massage. I’d recommend trying their services.
Mai Lieng T.
Was looking for a good deep tissue massage before my flight back home and booked a same day appointment. There as a mishap with the booking system and I was...
Melissa F.
Lilly was amazing and super sweet!! I had set up an appointment for my girlfriend and wanted arrange something special to which lilly was delighted to help with. She is super enthusiastic and made sure everything was perfect, even said she would make sure she was “treated like a queen”. really the best and kindest service i could ask for. My girlfriend mentioned how she was greeted with a smile and the massage was wonderful and very much needed. Thanks again Lilly and loved your energy!
Benjamin A.
I’ve had my fair share of massages throughout the country and Lilly ranks right at the top in terms of quality and expertise! She is extremely professional, friendly, and has a natural talent for identifying and assessing my problem areas and making necessary adjustments to maximize therapeutic benefit. I can’t wait to return!
Faith M.
Very excellent job!!! I’ll be back next month 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I have been receiving massage therapy for more than 20 years due to injuries sustained in the military. I believe it is safe to say I have seen more than 100 different therapists over the years and Lilly is in my opinion, the best therapist of them all. If you are seeking relief from stress, previous injuries or just for relaxation, I highly recommend Lilly.
Brett Kuhnsman, P.
This place is absolutely incredible and moon is amazing best massage place in Reno
Tobias T.
Lilly Is an amazing masseuse she is a rock star if your looking for a real massage go see Lilly at massage tree she's a great lady hands of a Angel
Paul S.
I have had the opportunity of having Lily sometimes called Moon as a masseuse for several years. She is exceptional. She is well trained in PT as well and can help with sore muscle(s), excellent stretching technique. She understands the human body it is what makes her so darn good and at the top of her profession. The BEST! Do not miss an opportunity with her. Paul
Ethan D.
Lilly is the best massage therapist I've found in Reno.
Isadora P.
Lily is the BEST massage therapist I’ve had in Reno. She is so knowledgeable, kind, and hardworking! She literally helped a lot of my health problems. I’ve recommended all my friends to her and they were super happy as well. Please do yourself a favor and book an appointment with this rare gem😊
Tiffany H.
I visited once before my flight and it was such a great experience. I wish i lived in reno so i could visit more but i’m out of state. She worked so well on my back and my knots that it made my 12 hour flight day easier. Would highly recommend her and her great body magic. I’ll miss her!!!
Allen R.
Lily (aka Moon) has a great healing touch. Very professional and she has a nice clean place she works from. Look forward to seeing her grow and have more therapists in the future.
Daniel G.
This is a brand new place and I highly recommend! The reason I went here is because my favorite place to get a massage kinda went downhill after a couple of my favorite masseuse’s left, and lo and behold one of them ended up here! Ask for Moon!
mike R.
Do yourself a favor and book Lilly for a massage now. She is incredible.
Bill P.
Lilly is an absolute delight! She is kind and caring, very knowledgeable, and intensely concerned about her customers well being. Thank you so much!
Excellent, you won't regret it!!!
Robert J.
Lilly is by far the best massage therapist in the greater Reno area. She is my regular therapist for over 4 years and she has greatly helped relieve my back and joint issues. She also uses the highest quality oil that moisturizes my skin in this dry climate. This studio is new and is clean and comfortable. I highly recommend the Reno Massage Tree to anyone.
Rob H.
Had a great experience getting worked on by Lilly. She cared to listen to me on where my neck and shoulder were hurting and worked the kinks out with skill.
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